FORMER Holy Cross Parish priest Father Gary Donegan is to host a special Mass this weekend in memory of all Gaels who have passed away.

The Mass will be streamed live on Facebook and Twitter pages of CLC Ciceam Árd Éoin/ CLC Árd Eoin @ardoynegac on Saturday (November 21) at 6.30pm.

Saturday also marks 100 years since members of the Auxiliary Division and RIC opened fire on supporters at a Gaelic football match in Croke Park, murdering fourteen civilians and wounding at least sixty others.

Philip McTaggart, Chairperson of Ardoyne Kickhams GAC said: “We would like to encourage everyone to join with us as we remember our fellow Gaels.

“November is traditionally the month we remember all those who have passed away.

“It is an opportunity to remember those of that fateful day of Bloody Sunday in 1920 and all passed club members and fellow Gaels.

“Please light a candle at your front window to remember those we have lost.”