I WONDER how this Easter season was for you? I have loved reading various social media posts sharing stories of Easter eggs, trips away, church celebrations, and also of those taking time out to light a candle (or two).
Yet, in the midst of all this, my thoughts and prayers are with and for the family of Lyra McKee. It’s hard to believe that this young woman was taken from us three years ago. Three years of heartache for her partner, Sara Canning. Three years of grief for her family and friends. Three years of wondering: where is the justice?
In addition to this, my thoughts are with and for the precious family of Noah Donohoe. I have to be honest, I have often wondered, why has his story been rarely covered by the media? Why do I constantly see his mama and family having to appeal for help (over and over again) with regards to what happened to her lovely son on that hazy June 2020 evening? I don’t have the answers, but my heart aches. They deserve answers.
Also over this Easter season, the horrific news broke of the brutal murders in County Sligo of two of our precious LGBT+ community: Michael Snee and Aidan Moffitt. Completely heart-breaking.
Such stories are a gentle reminder that the Easter Story continues in our everyday lives. Stories of pain, suffering, injustice, hurt and oppression. Let’s remember that when Jesus hung on the cross, He cried out: “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?’”(Luke 27:46). Jesus exclaimed: “Why?” I believe God can handle our questioning, wonderings and feelings of abandonment, He can handle our whys?
•Why did this happen?
•Why has there been no justice?
•Why such pain and brokenness?
•Why did this happen to me/us?
Friends, the Easter story lives on today; in our everyday challenge to stand up and speak out for the marginalised, oppressed, rejected and abandoned.
May we, as people of faith, be voices of hope, healing and love.
May we be a people who live out the Easter story in our everyday lives.