IN response to the letter 'Hypocrisy if People Before Profit do not boycott Westminster', it seems that with the writer's party of choice shaking hands with British monarchs or attending the White House in the midst of a genocide, he is distraught over PBP’s policy on standing in Westminster elections.

The party’s position is well known by now, and consistent with the way socialists have always approached elections under capitalism. We have no faith whatsoever that elections in and of themselves can bring about the kind of fundamental changes that are needed – not only in ending partition but even in addressing the deep social and economic inequality rife on both sides of the border.

We are a campaigning party which holds that the real power to change society lies with working people in their own communities and work places. But we will stand on any ‘dung heap’ to give a voice to workers in a system designed to lock them out. 

PBP are aware that, given the historic role of British state terror in fomenting sectarian division and maintaining the status quo here, there are supporters and allies who we fight alongside in day-to-day campaigns who cannot bring themselves to vote in Westminster elections.

We think that is mistaken, but are happy to have that discussion in an honest and open spirit with genuine fighters who we work alongside in the Palestine solidarity movement, on the picket lines and in resisting cuts to health, education and social services. What we will not waste our time on is indulging those who come out like clockwork at election time to run cover for the local establishment parties.

Brian Kelly,

Belfast BT12