WE see across the North of Ireland the flag of Israel flying in areas that are supposedly Unionist /Loyalist.

This comes as no surprise as it’s about supporting Israel’s aggression but it’s also about triumphalism.

The reality of this is that some in the Unionist/Loyalist  community see themselves as the lost people of Israel. This myth seems to become the reality for some and they are blinded by this bizarre narrative and this makes them cheer on the racist inhumane state of Israel and its terror.

What I fail to understand is that many of the unionist political elite claim to be pro-life but yet they can’t find it in their hearts to condemn the murder of Palestinian civilians and children but defend Israeli actions. A two state solution is not the answer nor is it the answer in Ireland. The only way to solve the issue of Palestine is a free democratic Palestine and liberation for the Palestinian people, as the only way to end sectarianism in Ireland is to end partition.

Unionists/Loyalists defending the murderous aggression by Israeli forces are politically motivated by bigotry and a sectarian ideology that opposes anything that is not white, straight and Protestant. Even though Isreal is not a Protestant state, their inhumanity is shameful. They are on the wrong side of history. And it is definitely not anti-Semitic to oppose what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. It’s humanity.

Seán Óg Garland,

Beál Féirste 10