BY now, most of you guys will know that I feel called to minister outside of the church walls, particularly with people who feel they ‘don’t fit’ in church. 

It is hard to believe that almost fifteen years ago I stepped out of the institutional church to journey with the misfits, questioners, wanderers, wonderers, doubters, and so on. And what a journey it has been! The truth is, there have been many times during my own spiritual walk that I have felt that I don’t fit in (for all sorts of reasons). During the course of my ministry journey, there have been: 
•Seasons of people coming and going. 
•Seasons of laughter and pain. 
•Seasons of team, and no team. 
•Seasons of energy and exhaustion.
•And even seasons of wondering will we survive. 

Our aim has never been to compete with larger churches as we are not competitors, but rather we are companions on our faith journey. Throughout the years, we have gathered in all sorts of places and spaces (including living rooms, hired rooms, outside in the beauty of creation) and I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people. 

Recently, I have had some people asking how they can connect with the ‘SoulSpace Community'. In case you are wondering what SoulSpace Community is, we are a peace and reconciliation hub (a project of the Anabaptist Mennonite Network, UK) and we provide the following: community chaplaincy, involvement in various peace and reconciliation projects, public theology and gatherings (both face to face and online). 

Recently, I decided to set-up an online community. Trust me, this is a new venture for me as I am the most untechy person ever. However, I was determined to find a way to connect us, wherever we live and are based. And so, we have launched a private online Facebook group called ‘SoulSpace Community’. I was blown away to discover that some 240 people have joined and are keen to join our journey. 
Our new online space is a place for prayer, conversation and reflection. This coming Lent we are planning to work through the book ‘The Desert of Compassion’ (Devotions for the Lenten Journey)’ by Rachel M. Srubas. If you are looking for something to read during Lent, I would encourage you to buy the book. You can simply read it yourself, or you can join us online – you would be very welcome.

Church doesn’t always happen in the four walls of a church building; where you are, God is present. Let’s keep finding creative ways to journey together!