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ELLY ODHIAMBO: Lorry driver John provides a different view of the migrant crisis

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ELLY ODHIAMBO: Belfast rediscovered as a top filming destination

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ELLY ODHIAMBO: More blacks appear in the media, but will it last?

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OPINION - Elly Odhiambo: Incomplete Census figures fail African community

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OPINION - ELLY ODHIAMBO: Black musicians have been performing in Ireland since 1772

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OPINION - Elly Odhiambo: Black Belfast right to be concerned over Noah's death

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OPINION - ELLY ODHIAMBO: Annie shone light on black children of Ulster

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OPINION - ELLY ODHIAMBO: They’re killing George Floyd all over again

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OPINION - ELLY ODHIAMBO: Why Arlene needs to see the value of language

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OPINION: An unexpected delight - Belfast weather which reminds me of East Africa’s Magadi