LAST week, I had the privilege of representing Ireland’s Future, along with the fabulous Tadgh Hickey, on Cork 96fm, to talk about the upcoming event to be held on Saturday, October 1, at the 3Arena, Dublin. 

The event is titled Together We Can, and has a list of guest speakers to include Mary-Lou McDonald, Frances Black, James Nesbitt, Neale Richmond and many more. No-one can deny that the conversations concerning our future are growing. They are happening around kitchen tables, business events, among our young people, and not to forget Ireland’s future public meetings that were held this year across our island. 

Many of us believe a border poll is up ahead, and if we are to learn anything from Brexit,  it is the importance of preparing and planning; we must do the groundwork beforehand. The more I talk to people about our future,  the more I realise that what is most important to them are what I call their ’everyday living concerns.’ In other words, people want to know what a New Ireland will mean in terms of housing, education, healthcare etc. Therefore, it is critical that we plan and prepare well. 

I truly believe we have the opportunity to create a New Ireland. Let’s remember that this is already our home; no one is an addition. We all belong. But I believe the question is: can our home be better? This doesn’t mean we can’t work hard to improve our home today, but we must still have our eye on our future: where are we heading? 

I believe we are better together and we have the opportunity to build a New Ireland. Let’s remember that we are bigger than two communities, and so we want you to have your say and to be part of the vision. If you are free on Saturday, October 1, we would love to see you at our event. You are so welcome to come along, and let’s remember, together we can...

• Build a New Ireland.

•Create a better home.

•Pave a better way.

Be part of the conversation. See you there!