A WEST Belfast councillor has been working with local Turf Lodge residents to explore the potential of creating more parking bays in the Norglen Grove area.

Cllr Michael Donnelly said he has been contacted on a regular basis by local residents regarding the creation of additional parking bays.

The current small green space on Norglen Grove is owned by the Housing Executive and has been utilised as “makeshift parking due to the lack of parking in Norglen Grove, Norglen Parade and Norglen Drive”, according to Cllr Donnelly.

“It’s not a well utilised space and the green area is wasted. We’re looking to extend the parking bays up to the top of Norglen Parade which we think would be a great result for the community.

“It’s a complete nightmare for people parking their cars. It causes issues when people park on the bend – as you’re trying to get out it blocks your sight-line.”

The Sinn Féin man said due to the cars parking on the green space, the Housing Executive have been attempting to re-soil the space.

“We will be engaging, and we have been engaging with the Housing Executive and then it’s linking in with Department for Infrastructure. If the Housing Executive agree to it, there will be conversations with DfI about taking it on."