A WEST Belfast mother-of-two who died from Covid-19 has been described as “amazing” by her youngest sister.

Noleen Thompson (28) from the Clonard area passed away in her sleep last Wednesday (February 24).

Noleen tested positive for the virus the previous Saturday and was found unresponsive by her partner, Martin just days later. She had no known underlying conditions.

Speaking to the Andersonstown News, younger sister Caitlin explained: “She got tested on the Saturday and got her results back in the early hours of Sunday and passed away on Wednesday.

“She started getting sick on the Tuesday, with cold-like symptoms. She was isolating in her bedroom.

“Her main symptom was a headache. It just wouldn’t leave her.

“She had no underlying symptoms as far as we know.”

Paying an emotional tribute, Caitlin described Noleen as “amazing”.

“Noleen was amazing. She did everything for me. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be alive today.

“She looked after me and us all. She was unbelievable.

“You couldn’t have met a nicer person than her. She was just unreal.

“She was an amazing mum. She lived for her two boys, Reece (8) and Jacob (5).

FAMILY: Noleen with partner Martin and two boys, Reece (8) and Jacob (5)

FAMILY: Noleen with partner Martin and two boys, Reece (8) and Jacob (5)

“They loved her to bits. Even when she was sick and not allowed into her room, they wanted to come in and hug her.

“Jacob who is only five didn’t really understand it all. He kept running into her room and she was telling him to get out. He just wanted to make sure his mummy was okay and if she needed anything.

“She loved her partner Martin too. They were a close wee family and always doing arts and crafts together.”

Noleen was a classroom assistant at St Clare’s Primary School in Cupar Street.

Principal Cahir O’Doherty said the entire school community is still coming to terms with the dreadful news.

“There was no managing Noleen. She just got on with her work. She loved her job and she was a really fantastic classroom assistant.

“She was also a fantastic colleague and friend.

“She came to us as a student and worked her way through her qualifications and we were delighted to have her on the staff.

“She is leaving a massive hole. We are still trying to get to grips with the news. She was only 28-years-old and had children at the school.”

Mairead Welsh, Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), at the school added: “Noleen had so many endearing qualities. She had a big smile. She was so calm and collected in her work.

“No matter what I asked of her, she met it with open arms. She never missed a day that I can think of in her two years with us.

“She did her training with us and we simply had to keep her on as a staff member.

“She was the foundation stone in her P1 class.

“She will be sadly missed. Her legacy will live on at the school for many years to come with her two boys at the school.

“It won’t really hit us until we are doing rotas and stuff and she won’t be there to help us out. Her wee chair and desk in that room will be empty and it will really hit home then.”