A SOUTH Belfast schoolgirl has benefited from a new online platform which is helping students unearth their career potential.

The post-Covid job market is more competitive and challenging than ever and for students it has never been harder to get a foot on the career ladder.

Now a new online platform, PeopleHawk, is aiming to reinvent how students and graduates in the North and beyond unearth and showcase their career potential to land their dream jobs – all at the click of a button. 

The result of a multi-million-pound technology investment, PeopleHawk is helping young people stand out from the crowd and launch their early-stage careers with a digital career profile. 

Validated by scientific studies in the US, under the watchful eye of its lead scientist, Professor Colin Cooper, formerly of Queen’s University Belfast, the app has quickly caught the attention of leading schools, colleges and universities in the UK, North America, South Africa and India.

PeopleHawk’s aim is to replace the outdated paper-based application form and CV process with digital career profiles that can be created and shared online with universities and colleges, as well as leading employers. Everyone who signs up has access to online learning and development tools, tools that make a difference when preparing for any application process. 

Members can quickly catalogue their knowledge, qualifications and work experience in a digital format, with the platform automatically producing an infographic resume in a style that is easily understood.

The platform also provides a free personality test and detailed behavioural guide, as well as aptitude tests to rank cognitive abilities.

Candidates can also record an elevator pitch and complete a first round video interview which can be shared online as part of any application, which makes the selection process faster and easier for everyone involved. 

Erin Harvey, who recently completed her A-Levels at Victoria College in South Belfast used the PeopleHawk platform to prepare for her application to PwC’s Flying Start Programme. 

“I want to pursue a career in software engineering, but wanted to combine my studies with hands on practical coding experience," she explained.

"Having access PeopleHawk’s tools meant I could really prepare myself in advance. In particular, I found the detailed personality guide super helpful."