In the Basque Country, Easter Sunday is celebrated as Aberri Eguna - Fatherland Day - and is traditionally an occasion for displays of patriotism and parades. 

This year, however, as the Coronavirus continued to ravage the tiny country sandwiched between France and Spain, locals under lockdown in the village of Lizartza brought the annual celebrations to their apartment balconies. 

Lizartza enjoys a strong connection to West Belfast thanks to former St Mary's Christian Brothers Grammar School teacher and ex-Sinn Féin councillor Pat Rice who owns a second home there. Over the years, Pat has arranged many visits of Belfast folk to Lizartza and hosted visits by villagers - including the Mayor - to Belfast. 

Townspeople can be seen performing traditional Basque dance on their balconies while music plays from below. Residents are showing off the Basque flag, the Ikurinna, from their balcony railings alongside a flag calling for the return of ETA prisoners from jails across Spain to jails closer to their families in the Basque Country.