THE PSNI say they have seized 12 off-road scrambler motorbikes in West Belfast in the last six weeks. Officers have taken three of the bikes off the streets in the last week alone.

Police said the latest scrambler bike was seized in Poleglass at the weekend with the rider driving the bike in the middle of the night with no lights or indicators. The PSNI said the driver of the bike dropped the vehicle and made off when approached by officers.

A PSNI spokesperson said: "This is the third off-road scrambler seized in West Belfast in the past week, with 12 in the past six weeks under Op Moto," 

"This particular off-road scrambler was ridden around Poleglass in the hours of darkness with no lights and no indicators. This is dangerous for the rider, other road users and pedestrians out walking along the pavement.

"On sight of police the rider dropped the scrambler and made off.

"Local residents wish to enjoy their evenings in peace and not listening to a scrambler engine. Please continue to report this illegal activity to police online or 101."