I FULLY understand and defend the strikes by workers that took place across the North.
But now it’s clear to see that the real way to sort these issues out is the unity of the Irish nation.

An all-Ireland Health Service, transport system and education system would work better than two-state systems. The reality of the English Tory Party is they have always seen the North of Ireland as an anchor around England’s neck.

The English Secretary of State does not want to be here any more than republicans and nationalists want England to be here in this part of Ireland.

Surely Chris Heaton-Harris would rather be in his own constituency across the Irish Sea dealing with issues effecting his own constituents than having to run back and forth here?

It’s likely that a Labour government will be in power soon and Labour, like the Tories, are no friends to workers or Ireland. It’s time for all Irish people – Catholic, Protestant and dissenter – to sort out our own issues as one Irish nation, one country, one government.
It’s the only way forward for all the Irish people, North and South.

Seán Óg Garland,
Belfast 10