I love the Belfast saying 'catch yourself on'.

This is pure Zen to me.

How many times do we find ourselves caught up in our own fantasy of the world according to me?

Mindfulness practice has a way of weakening us up to the stories we tell ourselves.

I'm not saying ignore all messages from the brain but I am suggesting that we develop a healthy filter to do so.

Nueroscience informs us that through a daily mindfulness practice we can become more present to our lives to this experience right here right now.

To step into our lives and appreciate each moment as it unfolds we find ourselves noticing the stories we tell ourselves

If you could imagine that you are standing at the side of the road and the traffic is all taxis.

Rather than jumping in and out of taxis as they appear and find ourselves in places that we didn't want to go to.

We discover that we are able to choose.

Sometimes our thoughts are like those taxis and instead of jumping into the taxi we are able to discern.

Mindfulness is not about having no thoughts

The same way that you can't have tea without tea leaves, you can't have a mind without thoughts.

What we find through our practice is that we enjoy the flavour of our own tea.

This week take the time to catch ourselves on.

Observe our stories like taxis in a row and let's not rush into our day but savour each moment as it arises.

Let's pause and observe what's happening are we reacting or responding.

Here's wishing you a wonderful week.