LOCAL community and political representatives have come together to encourage young school children to be mindful of the dangers posed by fireworks.

Sinn Féin Councillor Caomhin Mac Giolla Mhín told the Andersonstown News he had been contacted by residents from the Glen Road after fireworks had been let off at local shops.

“Some young school kids were throwing fireworks in and around the Glen Road shops – it is not our intention to point the finger at anyone but our concern first and foremost is for those young kids that are using them and the effect on the community. It is our understanding that there are sub-standard fireworks being sold and they are not safe.

“We are just urging young kids to be aware of the dangers of using fireworks in built-up areas,” he said

“We are enthused by the response of both principals from St Mary’s Grammar School and CBS who are keen to send the same message as us out to the pupils and parents – and that is to be safe.”

Speaking to the Andersonstown News, CBS Principal Tom Armstrong said the issue of fireworks was an important one to highlight.

“We are concerned at this time of the year that there are dangerous fireworks out there and that some children, adults or older people in the community could be hurt by these sub-standard fireworks.

“All children from all schools need to be aware of their responsibility to the community also.”

St Mary’s Principal Jim Sheerin said: “We can manage the issue inside our schools through education, but outside of school it is important that pupils be aware of the dangers posed by these fireworks. We want our students by all means to enjoy Halloween, but we want them to enjoy it safely.”