RECENTLY, there have been a number of Church leaders calling for the government to refrain from closing Churches during lockdown.
Furthermore, there are those who are considering legal action, with some even claiming they are being persecuted. Such headlines have caused me to have a heavy heart.

The Church is an important part of people’s lives. For some, it is a place to come and worship, take part in the sacraments, and to enjoy the sense of togetherness.  For others, just simply sitting in silence, capturing the ambience, can help provide a deep sense of ease. Going to Church is extremely important for those of us who depend on it for spiritual nourishment. I get it – I really do. But I often wonder in the midst of this pandemic have we lost what it means to be the Church? I am concerned that rather than embracing the opportunity to rediscover our way... we may have lost our way.
Imagine if the Church led the way on this? In other words, instead of protesting and claiming our religious rights/freedom, we chose to put our neighbour first?
What if we offered to close so that others may remain open? Remember, the Church is not a building. God is not contained in a building. Our worship has not been shut down. Worship can take place anywhere. This is not an attack on our religious freedom. We are not being persecuted. This is simply a season where cities are trying to protect their people. We as the Church, should be leading the way on this. Nothing speaks louder than when we example humility by serving others.
Surely this is the time to embrace and reimagine God in our homes, God in our communities, and God in our streets. Where you and I are – the Church is present; God is present.
Let’s find new ways to be creative.
Let’s find new ways to gather.
Let’s find new ways to create community.
Let’s find new ways to pastorally care for our people.
Let’s find new ways to celebrate the sacraments.
And let’s remember this is only temporary. We keep pressing on – one day at a time.