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End this culture of hate

Personally I do not care if there are one million Orange Order parades a year, I do not like any parades even if they are republican. They cause lots of disruption and also they are very tribal and if we want a united society we need to do some sort of joint parades or no […]

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I went through a dark tunnel, but I finally emerged

Due to the recent spate of suicides in North Belfast I feel compelled to write this letter. Let me begin by extending my deepest sympathy to all the families in North Belfast and further afield who have been touched by suicide. My own family have had their brush with suicide. It was me who was […]

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Truth and justice, that’s all we ask

With reference to the article in the North Belfast News on September 10, ‘Massacre Anniversary Plans Gathering Pace’: The family of Kathleen Irvine, killed in McGurk’s Bar on December 4, 1971 would like it to be known that we do not have anything to do with the fundraising event or the asking of monetary funds […]

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Shameful behaviour

The British government should hang its head in shame at the treatment of British ex-service personnel.  On the one hand it praises their dedication and bravery, while on the other hand it refuses to adequately support those injured while serving their country   (‘Maimed Para’s Payout Halved’).  The most seriously wounded soldier to survive injuries in […]

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Well done to all involved in Finley Park refurbishment

Have just read in last week’s edition of the refurbishment and opening of the playground at Finlay Park on the Whitewell Road. Very well done to all the statutory bodies and local groups for they must have moved mountains to ensure this happened. I was at a meeting called Save Our Park and, excluding the […]

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Clarification by the RNU over petition

On behalf of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU), I would like to clarify a number of points regarding a recent petition in the Newington and Parkside areas, after a number of misleading texts were published in the North Belfast News. RNU activists consulted the Newington/Parkside community about our organisation wanting to erect a new […]

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